Mollie has earned Diversity and Inclusion certification through the HR Certification Institute. She will collaborate with your team and organization to assess your diversity and inclusion efforts; develop initiatives to hire and retain a diverse talent pool; and foster an inclusive culture.

Assessing Diversity and Inclusion

Organizations need to be accountable for their diversity and inclusion goals. There must be visible follow-through in the company’s culture, policies, and workforce. Metrics are one way to quantify results. They diagnose areas to address, assess progress, and gauge the effectiveness of policies.

Hiring & Retaining Diverse Talent

Organizations need to attract and retain the best available talent that includes a diverse array of experiences, viewpoints, and backgrounds to maintain competitive advantages. Continual employee engagement provides a sustained workplace dynamic that stimulates creativity, dedication, and motivation.

Fostering an Inclusive Culture

The inside of an organization is its culture. Establishing a culture that understands the benefits of diversity will create an inclusive organization with higher employee engagement, productivity, employee satisfaction, and retention rates.